Principal information, General questions
What UDS Game is?

UDS Game is international loyalty system allowing the users to get discounts and accumulate points in all companies that participate in UDS Game. For entrepreneurs UDS Game is a comprehensive solution for business including mobile app and instruments for business process optimization. UDS Game App is a mobile product that allows users to get discounts simply by generating a QR-code and to participate in remuneration system in form of bonus points for recommendations to other potential users using UDS Game. The app may be downloaded from App Store and Play Market.

How to authorize in the mobile app?

In order to become UDS Game system user and authorize in the mobile app you should:

  • Download free app to your mobile device from App Store and Google Play Market, enter in a search bar: UDS Game.
  • Upon installation of the app you should undergo a simple authorization process using e-mail address, phone or social networks.
  • To get discounts and bonus points in the venue click on Play button, then Join the Place. After that, you should enter the code manually or use the camera to scan QR code. You can also scan the QR code from cashier or the friend invited you to Play. After you have become the Place participant.
What are minimum technical requirements to the mobile device?

Your mobile device shall comply with minimum device requirements:

  • For IOS: The lowest operating system version should be 8.2 or greater. The app has been optimized for iPhone 4, iPad and iPod touch.
  • For Android: Operating system version should be greater than.4.0.3.
Where can I get discounts and points via UDS Game?

The updated list of companies can be reviewed in the app itself upon selection in geolocation search box All the World, then section Places, All Categories. You may also review the list of companies in the specific city having selected it in geolocation.

How to get a discount via UDS Game?

In order to get a discount in the Place via UDS Game app, you have to show QR-code or digital code in your app having clicked on Discount.

Client questions
How to become your Client?

In order to purchase UDS Game license to implement it in your business you should send a request to e-mail: support@udsgame.com, where you should specify from whom or from elsewhere you have become aware of our loyalty system and to send your contact details, that are surname, name, company name, contact phone. The Company shall refer you to distributor.

What is the difference between full and limited licenses?

Limited UDS Game license provides no opportunity to send push-notifications to the customers and create coupons, and there is a restricted opportunity to add cashiers and news: you may create only 1 news article per week and add just one cashier. In full version all standard functions are available: there is an opportunity to add unlimited number of cashiers, opportunity to create coupons, opportunity to send push-notifications to the customers once a week, company news articles can be created twice a day.

I want to delegate management of UDS Game system within the company to my assistant, administrator.

In order to delegate management of UDS Game system to other person, you should create Manager in section Employees. Manager is the user with access to UDS Game Admin but with limited rights. The Manager has no menu items: Personal account, Settings, Employees -Managers. In order to add Manager click on Add Manager, then in Manager Creation window complete the required fields: Name, E-mail (it is not obligatory to enter the existing e-mail, in this case e-mail is used just as a Username), Password, confirm the password. The remaining fields are not mandatory for completion. Upon completion of the required fields click on Save, then this employee shall be added to the list of managers. Now, the Manager, using his e-mail and password entered while registering the account, can easily enter UDS Game Admin.

How to provide my company customers with discounts and opportunity to accumulate points?

To provide your customers with discounts and opportunity to accumulate points you should create Cashier in section Employees in UDS Game Admin. The Cashier should download a free app to the mobile device in AppStore and in Google PlayMarket, having entered in a search bar UDS Game Cashier or to use web-version of the Cashier app at link: https://c.udsgame.com. Then the Cashier should undergo a simple authorization process, entering username and a password that have been created for him.

  • In order to read the customer’s QR-code you should click on Bill in your app.
  • In order to withdraw points you should read the customer’s QR-code and you will see the customer’s points. Enter the required quantity of points in the input box and withdraw the bonuses.
What happens to my company’s profile in UDS Game app unless I timely pay the subscriber’s fee?

If you fail to timely pay the subscriber’s fee your company shall not be displayed in UDS Game app, therefore, your customers shall not be able to use their scores and get a discount. Upon payment of the subscription fee your company shall again be displayed in UDS Game app.

Is integration with external software possible?

UDS Game system has API for integration implementation, access at link udsgame.com/api-docs (its Russian version is available in UDS Game Admin in Materials window). There are also finished integration plugins for accounting systems: 1C, Traktir, iiko, R-Keeper, SmartTouch. Additional consultation on integration can be provided at maintenance support support@udsgame.com

Should I purchase additional equipment to use UDS Game?

There is no need to purchase additional equipment. All you need – is to create in personal account the ID for the employee (Cashier/ Administrator) and install the app on its smartphone. If the officer has no a smartphone web-version can be used, therefore, the officer shall effect all transactions via browser. In case of integration with your accounting software all transactions shall be effected in the accounting software by entering 6-digit code below QR-code.

Why is license cost specified in dollars?

The company operates in the international market. That is why is uses the most popular currency. Payment from your card shall be converted in the currency of the country where your bank card is served.

How UDS Game system safety is guaranteed?

Our system safety is maintained at all levels. To provide safety we use popular industrial solutions such as: Amazon AWS WAF, CloudFlare, Comodo SSL Security Certificate. In addition to the above, we use our own solutions to monitor abnormal activity within the app.

No answer to your question?

Write to support@udsgame.com