Marketing is a Game in which simple ideas beat the complex ones

UDS Game is a comprehensive solution for businesses that includes mobile app and special tools for business process optimization.

UDS Game mobile app is one of the innovative methods for attracting and retaining customers.

CRM and Game Admin mobile app provide entrepreneurs with full information about business processes of company and help in optimizing the services and communication chains with customers.

Solution for Your business

Uniqueness of our service is explained by a wide range of opportunities that help you communicate with customers using our app.

  • Your personal Loyalty program

  • Effective recommender system of Your business

  • All information in one app

  • Online catalogue of Goods & Services

Brand development is in the hands of your customers

UDS Game provides a short communication chain between company and customers. Therefore, customers get all necessary information about your brand simply by using any personal device.

Full replacement of discount cards

Full replacement of discount cards

Loyalty cards of your customers are kept in their mobile devices. And they will always be there!


New Special Offer? Create it in the app and inform your customers via push-notifications.

Quality of service

Review – is a Customer feedback left by a customer after purchase is complete and this feedback is shown only to a business owner. Due to this form it’s so easy to receive a candid review on Customer service and to respond to difficult situations.

Powerful analytical tools for Business Process Optimization

Full control of Business processes in Online mode

Mobile app for Administrator let You control all Payments, Customer info, operations within Catalogue and Coupons and the most important thing it let You get Customer comments and reply from Your device in one moment.