Marketing is a Game in which simple ideas beat the complex ones

UDS Game is a comprehensive solution for businesses that includes mobile application and specific tools for business process optimization.

The UDS Game mobile app is one of the innovative methods of attracting and retaining customers.

CRM and the Game Admin mobile app provide full information about business processes of your Company and also help you in optimizing the services and communication chains with customers.

Solution for Your business

Uniqueness of our service is explained by wide range of opportunities that allow You to communicate with Your Customer by means of our app.

  • Your personal Loyalty program

  • Effective recommender system of Your business

  • All information in one app

  • Online catalogue of Goods & Services

Development of Your Business in Your Customers’ hands

UDS Game constructs a short communication chain between Company and Customers. Therefore, Customer gets all necessary information about Your Brand simply by using personal device.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards

All loyalty cards in Customers’ mobile phones. And they will never be lost.

Newsfeed and PUSH-notifications

You expand the range of goods & services? Are there any new dishes in your MENU? Maybe you are making some changes in the interior?Take photos and post every day! Do not forget to share Your News! PUSH-notifications are extremely good at informing Your Customers about special offers.

Two-level feedback system by UDS Game

This is a tool for efficient communication with Customers. Our feedback system allows Customers comment on Company or one specific Employee. We believe that well-timed responses help to stay in touch with Customers and to improve Customer Service.

Powerful analytical tools for Business Process Optimization

  • Customers

    Full Digital database of Your Customers. You always get full information about Customers, Payments, amount of Bonus points and frequency of Customer visits.

  • ТОР-10

    In this section, You find the list of those Visitors who cover the biggest bills and those of them who give more recommendations of Your Place to other customers.

  • Statistical data

    This section demonstrates the efficiency of all Services. Create your own Customer report and Payment report as well. The filter allows you to list payments in a certain range.

Full control of Business processes in Online mode

Mobile app for Administrator let You control all Payments, Customer info, operations within Catalogue and Coupons and the most important thing it let You get Customer comments and reply from Your device in one moment.

Demo version

You can create a Demo Company. However, it will be removed from our system after 24 hours. Please use unique invitation code in order to add your Company to the List of Companies. You can find this code in Settings – Materials section.

Follow the link and start operating in your Demo Company in UDS Game app. Please note that the Demo Company will stay hidden from all mobile users of the app.